Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Underwater Box

Fishkeeping has always been my passion since I was a kid. At some point, I know I will end up indulging in either planted aquarium or marine aquarium. As the marine setups are getting more reasonably priced, plus the evil friend’s persuasion, I began my marine aquarium challenge two weeks ago. I know my dive instructor/master will be mad at my act but I think, with proper care and moderation, fishkeeping is not a crime to environment. Deliberate purchase the hard-raising marine species and being ignorant are somehow unforgivable. Say if you are not capable to raise seahorse, then please do not buy it or if your aquarium is too small, please do not stuff too many species.

In fact, starting a marine aquarium is not as complicated as I expected. It has nothing much different to starting a freshwater aquarium, except the water salinity. My setup was pretty simple - dead coral and sea sand as decor, mounting filter and overhead lamp. The major challenge is always the first stage – introducing the fish to new environment. My earliest residents are clown fish and mechanical shrimp, following by damsels, strawberry grandma and doctor shrimp. They are extremely picky on food. Only after I switched to several brands, they started to consume. Now, they gulp ferociously whatever I dump to them! It is quite a sight and I enjoy watching them. It is funny that the doctor shrimp (a.k.a cleaner shrimp) tried to clean the two nemos while they refused to be cleaned; or the grandma darted in and out among the coral slits just to avoid my observation…. At least, it can quench my diving fever for a while..

Ok folks, will update you further. Or you can join me with this wonderful hobby!