Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pearl of West Coast - Langkawi Island

It has been more than ten years I set foot in Langkawi. Back there, I still vaguely remember I and several schoolmates started from Ipoh bus station. Only after a long bus journey, we reached Kedah harbour which was full of rats, then it took us many ferry hours to arrive Langkawi harbour. Now, just after an hour flight and you are heading the way to your hotel from Langkawi airport. Langkawi’s development really amazed me - wide roads with many traffic lights. The most shocking one was the Makam Mahsuri, which transformed from a tiny graveyard within my reaching hand to a big guarded graveyard, with video story-telling auditorium!

The residents where Mahsuri family were resided, tourist junk probably.

Makam Mahsuri. Apparently, according to the guide, many people came to consult for lottery tips.

Laman Padi, providing you an experience of agricultural activities.

In this recent trip, I visited two places which impressed me so much. The first place was so-called Laman Padi, where you could get acquainted to all the agricultural activities. It was nicely set up, one of the paradise for photographer. The second place was The Bon Ton Resort. It was a famous honeymoon resort, ranging from RM 900 onwards for a night stay. We had a gourmet dinner at its sunset deck. The Nyonya food was delicious while the sunset view was more than breathtaking. I ranked it the best sunset after the Santorini sunset in my travel log. Frenzily and losing my mind, my Canon 40D was virtually clicking non-stop for half an hour. The view was a simple pond, floating with many little bright white flowers as if they were shinning under the amazing hue of sunset. The background was a natural artistic tree to perfect the view. All in all, it was spechlessly scenic! My picture could hardly justify my description.

The breathtaking sunset view from Bon Ton sunset deck.

The Bon Ton Resort, a famous honeymoon resort owned by a foreigner.

Will I revisit Langkawi? Absolutely, I still have not tried the cable car and diving there. Anyone is visiting there, book me in please…