Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gem of Malaysia - Cameron Highland

Cameron Highland was perhaps the first travel destination during my early childhood. I was less than 10-year old when my parents brought me there. As a young scout, I also camped overnight there during my first ever exciting primary school trip. Later, I also joined a tea factory trip with my secondary schoolmates, one of our Geography lessons. In short, lots of handsome memory I had imprinted in Cameron. I could still remember the chilly breeze and coolness. Somehow, I was not impressed with the temperature during my weekend overnight trip yesterday. The night temperature was barely 19 degree Celcius. Global warming again? Lame topic...

I went to this trip with couple of OLD friends. Basically, the activities consisted of releasing stresses by chatting nonsense, playing mahjong, consuming the youth we barely spare.... The most meaningful activity was the 'tea factory trekking', at which I could spend some time taking good pictures of scenic tea terrace. The view was soothing and refreshing. By the way, we also bumped into some MY FM DJs during the trekking and pasar malam strolling. What a plus.... well, although I knew nothing of their faces.
It was a good meaningless trip, haha... Until then, I let the photos do the talking. See you at the top next time.

Living community nearby the Boh tea factory, with Hindu temple, primary schools, settlements.

Popular background for wedding shot.

Another scenic shot

Bumped into MY FM van. Music unlimited, Heart in the air.

Chessy shot in Boh tea center.

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