Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Toy – Canon EOS 40D

Eventually, I upgraded my camera gear to Canon EOS 40D, 17 – 85 mm IS USM lens kit (inclusive of UV protective filter and 4GB CF Memory card). For the Canon noob, IS stands for Image Stabilizer and USM denotes Ultrasonic Motor which gives a quieter zooming sound. RM 5200 flew from my bank account but I figured out that I will have so much fun with the new toy for quite some time. Virgin shots were snapped to capture our Malaysian Pride - KLCC Twin Tower. The feeling was somewhat different compared to that of EOS 400D. The camera body is larger, more robust and heavier. Quicker response and quieter shutter, equally pleasing results. I have yet to discover the hidden pleasure. The photos below can be a teaser for you. All photos were taken handheld, photoshop finesse. Enjoy!

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YvonneYong said...

Good shot of the twin towers. Marvellous. Can sell to those postcards printing company leh