Friday, September 19, 2008

My Cleaner Shrimps Spawned!!!

Look carefully, the microscopic juvenile shrimps 'snowed' in my aquarium.

It had been 2 months since I established my nano marine aquarium. A lot of busy incidents happened inside, of course. First, my bully damsel killed most of my bottom feeder fish. Then, it started to annoy my clown fish and someday later, the pair of clown fish could not take anymore and went to netherland too. It finally hit my boundary when it attacked my favourite fire goby (the cutie fish in the picture, until it hopped out from the aquarium. Furiously, I isolated the damsel and the residents in my aquarium now are only a fire goby and a pair of cleaner shrimps. I expected to loose my fire goby as I noticed that it bleeded after falling to the floor. In fact, it survived the ordeal and getting more active and happier ever since! Miracle did happen sometimes.

With the bully damsel gone, the shrimps practically felt more safe. They devoured anything I dropped in. Sometimes, they even swam upside down to catch the floating pellets! I suspected that the lady shrimp had eggs under her belly. It proved me right last night when I found that my aquarium was 'snowing romantically'. The shrimp spawned! Not eggs but juvenile microscopic shrimps! It was an interesting sighting. The happiest one should be my goby, first time ever tasted live food in aquarium. This morning, all of the baby shrimps were gone, which I have expected to be eaten or being sucked by into the filter. Nevermind, at least the shrimps are happy with their lifes and I am not a bad fish keeper afterall.... Make more babies please....

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