Sunday, May 25, 2008

Earning My Passion

My first ever wedding photo shot for my sister two years ago.

It has been a dream if I can turn my passion into earning. Well, it probably is dream of everyone in fact. I have identified some of my ‘passions’, leading to some part-time jobs which I can fantasize:

  1. Wedding Photographer
  2. Sleeping Investor of a Diving Centre
  3. Leisure Stock Broker
  4. PC Game Tester
  5. R&D Researcher to Tackle Insomniac
  6. Photography Judge

Forget about the last 5 fantasies. I am probably still quite crap and not up to the level to dream. But I do think I may have a shot with the first fantasy. I had been started photographing, mainly travel photography, since year 2000. For the past two years, I had grown interest in capturing wedding pictures for my colleagues, relatives and friends. It was the most exhaustive and time-consuming job but yet it was rewarding and exhilarating. Each laughter and emotion captured could easily melt down the tiredness.

It is amazing that my skill in photographing and photo editing are getting better each time. Ya… may be a bit too big head to commend this. Recently, I felt that I hit the bottom neck due to the limitation of my photo gear. So, it is time for me to upgrade my gear but so much pity that these sophisticated and expensive gears will cost me a fortune.

To my delight, it is from a renowned wedding photographer’s advice that if you need someone to recognize and appreciate your artwork, you should ask for monetary rewards, regardless the amount. Absolutely not a bad idea to fund my long wish list of photo gear (lens, flash, memory etc. etc.). So, friends, please help me out to advertise. Officially announced, I am ready to be a part-time freelance wedding photographer. Anyone interested to hire a wedding photographer during the actual day, please contact me via my email address For all my single friends who are going to marry in the future, sorry that I do not offer free service anymore but discount for you is guaranteed. I can only work part-time during weekends or I will get my butt fired by my current company. If you choose to have a photobook, longer period may be required for the photo editing. Also, I prefer Chinese or Church wedding as I am more familiar with their procedures.

My service fees will yield wedding photos in digital format, colour and art edited. Others are negotiable, with or without hard print/ photobook:

The following are some of the photos that I have shot from year 2006 to 2008. Big thank you to my friends who allow me to polish my skill. If you enjoy them, please spread the words and advertise for me.


VerSeS said...

hehe, welcome to the club of turning passion into side income...

next time got wedding gigs i recommend u lar...

navy1048 said...

nice shot.. :) wait i get married lar... heehhee

Zawa said...

Good! Gambate! One of my future hope too.. hehe.. Wish you get your 1st paid assignment soon.

App|EyEe^ said...

Arghh....i should have make sure i got married b4 u announce this :P