Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sharkwater - The Truth Will Surface

I just watched one of the most fantastic underwater documentary today, besides Planet Earth and Blue Ocean. This documentary was titled Sharkwater, directed by Rob Stewart. As the title implies, the documentary was about the story of himself fighting to conserve sharks, to create awareness among the public. Along his journey to reveal the truth, he was charged with attempted murder, suffered from deadly disease, manhunted by Mafia gangsters... All and all, the documentary was dramatic enough to be true but in fact it was happened right now in the other corner of Earth, Costa Rica.

Sharkwater, directed and narrated by Rob Stewart. The trailer can be viewed in the website Go check out, lots of cool wallpaper and banner images.

I am not a big fan of sharks, well... except whale shark, but I was moved and touched by Rob's devotion and determination. His documentary will definitely shake the fundamental thinking of other people towards sharks. You will never view sharks as you thought before. Sharks are always portrayed as cold killing monster with horrified jaws and despicable meanness. However, the facts and figures show that sharks cause fatal injury to human being so much less than tiger, elephant, snakes and other wild animals. The alarming fact is that shark population has been dropped up to 90% at present!

There was one scene in the movie that broke my heart - a living shark was mercilessly hooked; its pectoral, dorsal fins and tail were slashed; and was released back to the ocean alive. It drifted down to the seabed, waiting helplessly for its death moment to come, as it could not swim and could do nothing. For this, the people who are responsible to this crime deserve to go to hell.

Many people will start asking. What could we do? We are not the poacher and fisherman. Yes, in fact, we can do many things. We can start educate our friends, parents, boss, subordinates, passengers in the plane, bus, taxi driver, tourmates, blog readers, one-night-stand lovers or whoever, that shark fins has no value to your health. It was neither tasty nor has any mythical health strengthening function. It is a shame, oriental people still believe the mythical fact that so-called royal delicacies shark fin soup can strengthen your health.

Highly recommend you to watch this documentary. The DVD was not yet released in Malaysia but you can get it from Singapore. It was scheduled to be aired internationally in Europe and other continents. Check out Rob's website and blog.

Below are some of the photos of white-tip reef shark that I captured during my Sipadan dives, enjoy... You don't need to love them, but you don't need to kill them too.

White-tip reef shark that lurked in Midreef, Sipadan. They are shy and alert animals.


App|EyEe^ said... u got to watch the documentary? Got the DVD somewhere else? I so wanted to watch as well..

FOX said...

I bought the DVD from Singapore. My sister lives in Singapore. Ironically, I think the stupid shark fin dealer in the documentary is from Singapore. They already aired there. I do not know why Malaysia is so slow.